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Our At East tincture was formulated to nourish and restore the nervous system. Use daily at the lower dose as a tonic or up the dose and reach for her in times of acute anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. We use a combination of fresh milky oats for deep nourishment, tulsi for calming and stress modulation, blue vervain for tension relief, motherwort for emotional regulation, and beach rose for the heart. These farm-grown and wild harvested plants are infused in organic grain alcohol, spring water, and organic vegetable glycerin. 


Suggested Use: 1 dropperful daily, or 2-3 dropperfuls in acute situations and as needed. Dilute in a glass of water, or take it straight.

Ingredients: Fresh milky oat tops^ (Avena sativa), tulsi^ (Ocimum africanum), motherwort^ (Leonurus cardiaca), blue vervain^ (Verbena hastata), beach rose petals~ (Rosa rugosa), grain alcohol*, vegetable glycerin*, spring water

* organic  ^ farm-grown  ~ wild harvested

At Ease / 2oz


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