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Rooted Heart Farm is a hemp and medicinal herb farm, farmstand  and community event space located in south western Maine.  We closely observe the natural world and do our best to cultivate in a way which does not disturb the natural environment and cycles around us. This includes avoiding the over use of bottled nutrients, spraying of harmful pesticides/insecticides/fungicides and monocropping. Creating homemade teas and ferments for the plants, mulching, hugelkulture and cover cropping are implemented to help create a low till environment to maintain healthy populations of beneficial soil organisms. 

As above, so below. 

Biodiversity above and below the soil we believe is imperative to growing the highest quality, medicinal plants. Through these practices we believe our products are the rooted result, that when we care for our planet, she then in turn cares for us. We hope you feel the difference within mind, body and spirit. 

From our heart to yours.


Summer 2024 Schedule Coming Soon

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