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RHR full spectrum CBD concentrate made with our farm grown hemp flower.

This product is priced at one gram increments and packaged in a class container.  Orders may also be put in a syringe depending on quantity. Please contact directly for any quantity over 28 grams for a bulk discount. 

This extraction is made by a CO2 extraction method. CO2 and pressure are combined to extract the medicinal compounds from the flower. This includes 6 different cannabinoids, fats, flavinoids, terpenes, omega fatty acids, and many more! Our concentrate averages 65-75% CBD, thats 650-750 mg of CBD per gram. Please contact us directly for test results per specific batch. 



Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a non poisonous gas, resulting in a safer product compared to petroleum-based solvents like butane or propane.

A lot of these solvent methods require post-processing to strip away any remnants of these solvents because they are toxic. The problem is not all manufacturers take the extra precaution to ensure their hemp extractions are clean and safe.

The CO2 extraction process leaves zero traces of residual solvent, which means you're left with a clean hemp-derived extract to incorporate into products. 

CBD Concentrate


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