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bucked hemp

Bucked/Untrimmed Hemp Flower


 CBD-Rich, Hemp Extract

Rooted Heart Remedies is a Maine Department of Agriculture licensed hemp farm. We cultivate hemp and other medicinal herbs without the use of bottled pesticides, insecticides and nutrients.  We work with the land in a way which regenerates topsoil and increases biodiversity above and below the soil we believe is imperative to growing the highest quality cannabis flower. Our hemp is grown on hugelkulture style beds, a method of farming that creates mounds of compostable biomass such as grass clipping, dead leaves, and logs that compost in place creating a nutrient rich growing environment. In return less water and outsourced nutrients are needed for the plants to thrive. We offer a range of bulk hemp flower and CO2 extracted CBD-rich, hemp extract (full spectrum & THC free). 

Please keep in mind you get what you pay for. Higher priced options will have higher extraction yields, contain higher levels of CBD, and have required more time and labor to process. All hemp flowers are slowly dried, hand harvested, hand bucked, and hand trimmed.

Available strains:


Suver Haze

Hawaiin Haze

White CBG

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