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We always use top quality, fair-trade, sustainably sourced ingredients in all of our products. Feel the difference!


~This is our 4 oz, no CBD formula~

Nourish and soothe your dry, sensitive, irritated skin with our botanically-rich body butter. This is our go-to for any skin-related condition; rashes, dryness, eczema, stretch marks, chapped bits, you name it! Calendula and lavender lend their soothing, gentle healing, and anti-inflammatory properties, gotu kola helps to improve skin’s elasticity, and comfrey is an intense healer of scars and wounds while helping to improve the integrity of connective tissues. This combination of farm-grown and sustainably-sourced organic herbs are intentionally infused into a mix of hydrating organic oils, including jojoba, sunflower, and grapeseed, and combined with local, grass-fed tallow, fair trade organic cocoa butter and organic mango butter to offer the richest and most nourishing food for your skin! 


This formula is essential oil-free, so it is especially safe for expecting mommas and young babies and children!


Skin Food is offered in two formats; a 2 oz glass jar with 500 mg CBD, or a 4 oz glass jar with no CBD. Opt for the CBD formula for extra support with auto-immune, chronic, painful, and inflammatory skin conditions and cancer-related skin concerns. 


Suggested Use: With clean, dry hands, massage thoroughly into affected area every 2-3 hours, or as needed.

Ingredients: local, grass-fed tallow, jojoba oil*, grapeseed oil*, sunflower oil*, fair-trade cocoa butter*, mango butter*, full spectrum CO2 hemp^ extract, comfrey (Symphytum oficinale) leaf^, calendula (Calendula oficinalis) flowers^, lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) flowers*, gotu kola* (Centella asiatica)

* organic   ^ farm-grown


** All information is for educational use only. This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.

Skin Food / 4 oz


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