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All of our salves feature top-quality ingredients. We always use fair-trade &  sustainably sourced ingredients in all of our products. Feel the difference!


This is our all-purpose healing balm. Reach for some R&R for bruises, bites, cramps, sore and tired muscles, nerve pain and more. Effectiveness in addition to its light, smooth, creamy consistancy this is our new favorite. In this new formula, we use a CO2 extract of organic arnica for the most profound relief from intense aches and pains. Fresh St. John’s Wort is our number one topical for nerve pain and spasms, farm-grown comfrey for intense healing and nourishment, and wild-harvested birch for gentle, cooling alleviation from soreness and discomfort. These plant allies are infused in organic olive, grapeseed, and jojoba oils, and combined with fair-trade shea and cocoa butters, organic mango butter, and local beeswax, and our full spectrum CO2 hemp extract for potent relief and restoration! 


Suggested Use: With clean, dry hands, massage thoroughly into affected area every 2-3 hours, or as needed.

Ingredients: jojoba oil*, grapeseed oil*, olive oil*, fair-trade cocoa butter*, fair-trade shea butter* mango butter*, local beeswax, full spectrum CO2 hemp^ extract, arnica (Arnica montana) CO2 extract*, fresh St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), comfrey (Symphytum oficinale) leaf^, wild-harvested birch (Betula papyrifera) bark, essential oils of lemongrass, eucalyptus, wintergreen, cannabis, helichrysum, and copaiba

* organic   ^ farm-grown


** All information is for educational use only. This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.


Relieve & Restore / 500 mg CBD / 2 oz


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