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7 grams (1/4 oz)


Our jarred hemp flower is a selection of  our favorite flowers of the season. All hemp is grown under the sun in harmony with Earth's natural cycles , ecosystems and all her inhabitants. Plants are fed botanical teas and ferments that are made here on the farm. No bottled nutrients are fed or sprayed throughout their life cycle. We believe these practices create the highest quality, cannabinoid, terpene rich flower. 


When we enjoy smoking CBD flower: Inhilation is one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD. Within 5-10 minutes you may feel grounded and an overall sense of calmness. We enjoy smoking before yoga and meditation to get out of the mind and sink into the body, before activities that may benefit from increased focus and creativity,  during high stress moments, and before bed for a restful sleep. 


A bit about the cultivars:


Sour Suver Haze (Suver #8 x ERB x GG#4 Conversion)-Earthy with a hint of sour, created by farnsene and betacaryphyllene terpene content. We get hints of citrus, green apples and pepper. Although effects may vary for each individual we smoke this flower day and night. Sour Suver creates a relaxing feeling in mind and body, yet heightened focus and mental clarity. 


Lifter  (SH50 x Early Resin Berry)- One of the most popular CBD cultivars available, for good reason. The nose offers a slightly sweet funk with some hints of fuel. We feel uplifted and focused after smoking Lifter, followed by a nice mellow calm.  Consistantly testing around 18% CBD.


-Hand trimmed

-Contains below .3% THC

CBD Flower


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