Balsam Fir + Rose Body Oil


2 oz glass bottle containing 200 mg of CBD.


Our Balsam Fir and Rose Body oil is an invigorating, sweet, refreshing oil. Reminicent of the deep woods. Plus a touch of rose to open our hearts and uplift our spirits. We sustainably wildcraft the tips of balsam fir and slowly infuse them in organic grapeseed oil in combination with Maine grown rose petals and our farm grown, hemp derived CBD to create this very special, multi-use body oil. 


Balsam fir has a long history of assisting with topical skin ailments, arthritic pain, and respritory health.

May be used as a massage oil to stimulate ciriculation and reduce tension and soreness, rub into the chest to assists with coughs and support a healthy respritory system, massage into joints to restore comfortable, natural mobility. Safe to be used as a face oil as well. 

We hope you enjoy!


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