Warming Joint + Muscle Salve


Extra Strength warming topical infused with 500 mg of CBD.

2 oz glass jar. 


A warming blend of organic sesame, grapeseed, and olive oil. Infused with botanical infusions of cayenne, ginger, CBD rich hemp, and essential oils of clove, ginger, and cinnamon. 



Cayenne – Cayenne pepper, has an ancient history dating as far back as 7,000 years ago. Naturally anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, cayenne pepper contains a constituent called capsaicin. Capsaicin blocks a neurotransmitter, called Substance P (SP), that transmits pain signals from the nerves to the central nervous system. When cayenne is used topically, *it may help relieve pain, from neuropathy, back pain, muscles spasms, menstrual cramps, and arthritis.


Ginger root –The warming abilities of ginger *may help to improve circulation and relieve tension in tired muscles.





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