Warming Joint + Muscle Salve



All of our salves include top-quality ingredients. We always use organic , fair-trade, sustainably sourced ingredeints in all of our products. Feel the difference! 


Our Warming Joint & Muscle Salve is an extra strength containing 500 mg of CBD, formulated specifically to target achy joints and muscles.

A warming blend of organic sesame, grapeseed, and olive oil. Infused with orgainc, botanical infusions of cayenne, ginger, CBD rich hemp, and essential oils of clove, ginger, and cinnamon. 


Cayenne has an ancient histroy of medicinal uses, particulary for blocking pain receptors. Combined with ginger root and hemp flower extract this is a powerful topical that stimulates blood flow and sooths a wide variety of ailments such as athritic pain, muscle spasms, neuropothy, and stiff joints & muscles. 



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