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Our "Calm" smoking blend is a made of 100% wild-harvested, organic, and farm grown herbs that we believe promote relaxation and calmness throughout mind, body, and spirit. Although smoking CBD-rich hemp doesn't induce feelings of being "high" as you may have experianced from THC, inhaling CBD does create a subtle, pleasant body high. 


 Ingredients: MOFGA Certified, farm grown hemp flower, wild-harvested mullein, farm grown catnip, wild-harvested mugwort, farm gorwn chamomile, farm grown sage, and farm grown calendula flowers. 


This blend may also be brewed as an evening tea. 


Quantity: 14 grams per bag (made from rice paper)


*Does not contain tobacco. Industrial hemp contains below .3% THC. 

*All information for educational purposes only. 

Calm//CBD-Rich Herbal Smoking Blend