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Welcome our newest cannabinoid extract, a full spectrum hemp extract containing 1000 mgs of CBG. 


What is CBG? It’s a chemical compound (also known as a cannabinoid) found in most hemp & cannabis plants. Similar to CBD and unlike THC, CBG will not get you high. Cannabis contains over 100 different cannabinoids, each containing different medicinal benefits. This is why all of our products are "full spectrum". So they contain trace amounts of many different cannabinoids and an array of different plant compounds.


Where is CBG derived from?  Many cannabis strains or varieties contain CBG in trace amounts. However, in  recent years, the popularity of CBG has led growers to selectively breed specific strains that express higher levels of CBG. We chose to cultivate "White CBG" bred by Oregon CBD. The CBG flowers tested at 13% CBG. We worked with our farm grown CBG flowers to create this full spectrum extract. 


How will CBG make me feel?  This question is always an interesting one for me to answer because the beauty of cannabis is that it works with each individuals unique being differently. What I can say is that studies have shown CBG to have similar medicinal benefits to CBG, but without the drowsy feeling that some people experiance from CBD. It can have an uplifting effect, assisting with focus and attentiveness. Let us know how CBG makes you feel! 



Ingredients:  MCT oil derived from organic coconuts and farm grown and CBG-rich hemp extract. 


Made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and consistant product. Third party lab tested. 


*All information is for educational purposes only. 

Full Spectrum CBG Hemp Extract