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A ray of sunshine in a bottle! We wild-craft fresh St. John's Wort flowers and buds on our farm at peak potency, under the bright July sun. Our extract is a bright red color due to the hypericin content. St. John's Wort has a long history of being used medicinally, dating back to ancient Greek times. A wonderful herb for supporting and soothing the body in many ways. St. John's Wort particularly assists with supporting the nervous system, eases stress, promote emotional balance, balances menopausal mood swings, and may assist the body with viral and bacterial infections. 


Safety Consideration: Use with children under the supervision of a health care practitioner. Contraindicated if taking SSRI's unless otherwise directed by physician. Do not use this product while taking any prescription drugs without the advice of your prescribing physician. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight when using this product. 


Ingredients: Certified Organic corn alcohol, wild-crafted fresh St. John's Wort flowers and buds, and water. 

Fresh St. John's Wort Flower Tincture