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We always use top quality, fair-trade, sustainably sourced ingredients in all of our products. Feel the difference!


Our Restore body oil is a concentrated, double infusion of farm-grown arnica flowers in organic sunflower oil. With the addition of 200 mg of CBD this oil is a powerful tool in the home medicine cabinet! It absorbs quickly and acts fast, assisting with bruising, strains, scarring, soreness, and inflammation. Perfect for those who physically exert themselves on the regular; we reach for it often here on the farm! This product is essential oil free! Arnica has an earthy, slightly floral scent. 


Suggested Use: Massage thoroughly into affected areas every 2-3 hours or as needed.

Ingredients: sunflower* oil, farm-grown arnica flowers* (Arnica chamissonis) and hemp extract*

Caution: Do not apply to broken skin or open wounds.


* organic 

** All information is for educational use only. This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.

Recover Body Oil | 200 mg CBD

$32.00 Regular Price
$22.40Sale Price

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