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Rooted Heart Remedies is dedicated

to creating the highest-quality hemp derived CBD products.

We achieve this by:

Cultivating hemp in a way that respects the natural order and cycles of our Mother. 

*We believe we are all stewards of the land, blessed to be living here, and it’s our critical responsibility to make sure we honor the natural resources that help us live.

*All of the hemp infused into our our products is organically grown on our farm

in Parsonsfield, Maine.

*We are proud to be apart of MOFGA's Clean Cannabis Program (Maine's organic certification process for cannabis growers.) 

Sourcing as many ingredients as possible from local farms and businesses. 

*Rooted Heart Remedies incorporates medicinal herbs grown on their farm whenever possible. 

If we don't grow it we ask our neighboring herbalists and farmers. 


Creating all products in small batches to ensure consistent quality.


*​Lab testing all products regularly.

*Please ask and we are happy to send over our latest test results.


​ Plant medicine, including the use of

hemp has been a form of health care for

thousands of years all around the world.  

Return to your roots!

"Cannabis is the single most versatile herbal remedy and 

the most useful plant on Earth. 

No other single plant contains as wide a 

range of medically active herbal constituents." 

Dr. Ethan Russo- Neurologist-Botanist 

& a pioneer in the field of cannabis science




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